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Apr 23, 2010

Quality Assurance Principles

Quality assurance (QA) cover all things in the organization like row material, product, maintenance so it has 5 principls:-

1 - Customer is God.

This philosophy must be applied in enterprises and done by all members' best. It means that all employees including sales and after-sales service staffs as well as suppliers and distributors have responsibility in quality assurance. Just when all members do it together, is the quality assurance successful. The whole companies, by means of quality teams, must cooperate together for the target of quality assurance.

2 - Approach customers and master their needs.

It is essential to clearly catch customers' needs and requests. Sometimes, customers just ambiguously raise their needs or just address their desire to get satisfaction of some products or services. Producers with their marketing departments should specifically get customers' needs and then concretize them in the features of products and services that they are going to supply. Today, it is not appropriate for producers to make products first and then do all the ways to satisfy customers.

3.- Continuous quality improvement by doing the Deming cycle (PDCA).

Customers' needs and expectations always change and tend to increase. Though enterprises have well-done philosophy "Customer is God", suitable market research methods and good quality product designs, QA implementation is not done thoroughly. Thus, enterprises have to do the continuous quality improvement in order to satisfy customers the most at all time. Enterprises can improve product quality in the increasingly good way by continuously applying the Deming cycle.

4.-Producers and distributors must have responsibility in quality assurance.

When an enterprise provides some products or services into the market, they have to take the responsibility to assure the quality of the products they make.

5.-Next process is the customer of the previous process.

In the range of factories and enterprises, we have to do the above philosophy thoroughly. Because when we accept that the next process is the customer of the previous process, the responsibility in QA must be done seriously. In the next process, when customers become suppliers for the following process, they also do their best to provide consumers with the best-quality products. Consequently, products will be made perfectly.

QA contains all things from production planning to product completion, maintenance, repairing and discard. Therefore, it is very necessary to obviously determine what should be done in each period in order to assure the product quality during the product life that includes ensuring that products have high efficiency and regularly checking what have been done.