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Apr 16, 2012

Benefits of Utilizing a Quality System

How do you currently handle quality control in your business? If you offer products to clients, you must have some system in place to make sure every product delivered to every client is of high quality.

If this is neglected, you will lose your customers and gain a reputation for producing products that do not live up to their hype. This is bad for business and one low quality product could stick with your business in a negative light for many years to come. This is why you may consider working with a quality management system designed by a professional ISO consultant.

There are four main benefits to moving beyond your own system to a quality management system that can be ISO certified:

1. Longevity and growth for your business.

When you work with an ISO consultant to improve the quality of your products, you ensure that your business will be around for a long time to come. When your products become more valuable and are consistent over time, you start to gain the trust of the consumer. Your excellent quality is talked about in communities and word of mouth spreads. You become one of the most trust brands in your market because you care enough to work with a quality management system that keeps your products at the top of the market.

2. Increased prestige and enhanced reputation.

Along with increased quality comes prestige and a positive reputation in your industry. As your customers note your exceptional and consistent quality, so will your competitors. So will others who may be looking for someone in your industry to do business with. A lot of great things can happen for your reputation as you start to implement a quality management system.

3. Greater opportunity to sell in markets around the world.

There are untapped markets that you cannot get into today without being ISO certified. The only way to get ISO certified is to work with an ISO consultant who knows all about quality control and the standards for certification. They can help you implement a quality management system that passes for certification and that you can afford to continue implementing in the future. In order to remain a competitor in these worldwide markets, you will need to be very consistent with implementing and documenting your system as it pertains to quality.

4. Peace of mind that you are delivering what you promised your customers.

Finally, you have your own peace of mind that you are doing the right thing for your customers and the market when you implement an efficient quality management system. Whether you are interested in ISO certification right now or just might be open to it in the future, you will feel good knowing that the products you sell are of high quality.

All product lines require high quality today. Whether you are baking donuts and cakes or selling swing sets or baby cribs, you have to make sure the products stamped with your brand name represent your name very well. Your reputation and the future of your business is on the line!

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Apr 14, 2012

Importance of ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised certificate which evaluates how well an organisation manages its environmental responsibilities by guiding them through the process of putting an Environmental Management System (EMS) into use.

An EMS is a widely used and recognised standard which concentrates on both continued improvement of how you manage the impact you have on the environment while implementing a 'plan, do, check, act' methodology to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

The process by which a business becomes certified is relatively simple and unlike before it is much more accessible in terms of cost and time. You can be certified within 30 days after completing an assessment in which your business is examined and advised on areas that need to be rectified to comply with all the regulations set out for the ISO 14001 accreditation.

There are many benefits to becoming ISO 14001 certified and it can in fact directly help to drive profits of your business. After completion of the assessment, you will receive along with your certificate an environmental manual which will not only outline the guidelines you have to work within but also advice on obtaining maximum publicity and marketing from your achievement which will help you to gain new customers.

In the current climate, seeing to be environmentally friendly is of paramount importance and with the ISO 14001 certificate you are letting your customers, clients and competitors know that the environment is something you take very seriously. This in turn will earn you the respect and reputation of a trustworthy business. There are some customers who are obliged only to work with or purchase from certified organisations therefore with the certification you can be safe in the knowledge that you are not ignoring potential clients and gives you a competitive edge over rivals.

Organisations now are legally obligated to conform to rules and regulations regarding their waste management and energy consumption, an ISO 14001 certificate proves that you are definitely complying with any legislation and avoids potentially being liable for a large fine and any legal cases.

The processes the EMS puts into place will also save your organisation money in the long run. By reducing waste fewer resources are used and by looking at ways in which your organisation consumes energy bills can be reduced.

An ISO 14001 certification also grows alongside the business. When you expand there is no reason to waste time and money on new environmental management systems as they are already there and as the certificate is recognised internationally if you expand into other countries the certificate just effectively moves with you.

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Apr 9, 2012

Qualifications of a Six Sigma Project Manager

Some people have worked in their business positions without a higher education. However, to obtain and keep a managerial position, you will need to make yourself a better candidate than anyone else. Getting a four year college degree is a start. However, a graduate education will put you even further ahead to start.

You cannot work in the Six Sigma field without some level of certification. How will you know the practices and procedures to follow if you are not trained properly? When you enroll in Six Sigma Training, you get the total amount of information necessary to take it to your place of business in order to succeed. You know how to solve problems and come up with solutions for your employer or clients.

If you have experience on an actual Six Sigma Project in any capacity, you can put that on your resume. Sometimes a training provider will allow you to work on sample cases during your training. But in the real world, people want to know that you can affect change on actual business processes. If you have the experience and can demonstrate a marked improvement, this is another way to increase your advantage.

As a project manager you will be required to work with a team and even supervise it. If you have any managerial experience, it will help to fortify that you can do the job. Every team needs a leader. If you do not currently have leadership experience, try to take leadership enrichment courses and ask for leadership responsibilities at your current position.

It may seem obvious, but you will need to know how to effectively use a computer. You will need to know more than just basic operating procedures. It is good to understand all computer software that will be used to document and report your quality findings. You do not just need to be computer literate, but proficient.

There are many manufacturing industries that you can work in. Even if you do have certification and managerial experience, you will not get hired if you do not understand the industry that the job is in. Try and stick within one or similar industries to improve your chances of gaining employment.

One cannot simply get certified and expect to obtain a Six Sigma project manager job. There are many attributes that are needed to get the position. These are managerial skills, computer knowledge, higher education and degree, industry experience and project experience. It is important that you stand out to the person doing the candidate selection. These qualifications will get you noticed. If you have them, you are one step closer to getting hired.

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