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Apr 9, 2012

Qualifications of a Six Sigma Project Manager

Some people have worked in their business positions without a higher education. However, to obtain and keep a managerial position, you will need to make yourself a better candidate than anyone else. Getting a four year college degree is a start. However, a graduate education will put you even further ahead to start.

You cannot work in the Six Sigma field without some level of certification. How will you know the practices and procedures to follow if you are not trained properly? When you enroll in Six Sigma Training, you get the total amount of information necessary to take it to your place of business in order to succeed. You know how to solve problems and come up with solutions for your employer or clients.

If you have experience on an actual Six Sigma Project in any capacity, you can put that on your resume. Sometimes a training provider will allow you to work on sample cases during your training. But in the real world, people want to know that you can affect change on actual business processes. If you have the experience and can demonstrate a marked improvement, this is another way to increase your advantage.

As a project manager you will be required to work with a team and even supervise it. If you have any managerial experience, it will help to fortify that you can do the job. Every team needs a leader. If you do not currently have leadership experience, try to take leadership enrichment courses and ask for leadership responsibilities at your current position.

It may seem obvious, but you will need to know how to effectively use a computer. You will need to know more than just basic operating procedures. It is good to understand all computer software that will be used to document and report your quality findings. You do not just need to be computer literate, but proficient.

There are many manufacturing industries that you can work in. Even if you do have certification and managerial experience, you will not get hired if you do not understand the industry that the job is in. Try and stick within one or similar industries to improve your chances of gaining employment.

One cannot simply get certified and expect to obtain a Six Sigma project manager job. There are many attributes that are needed to get the position. These are managerial skills, computer knowledge, higher education and degree, industry experience and project experience. It is important that you stand out to the person doing the candidate selection. These qualifications will get you noticed. If you have them, you are one step closer to getting hired.