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Sep 25, 2010

How to Implement Kaizen in Our Daily Life!

Kaizen is a Japanese Management Concept. It means continuous improvement in all areas. Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. Similarly little improvement on a continual basis will lead to big development within a short period of time. We can implement Kaizen concepts in our daily life . The following are some of the ways to implement this concept in our daily routine.

A big self-improvement book can be easily read if we keep on reading a chapter daily and start implementing what we have learn on the next day on a continual basis. Housewives can make small improvements on a daily basis in the dishes they cook to make it a delicious food.

We can save in the fuel consumption of our vehicle by constantly monitoring our driving habits and keep on improving it.

Housekeeping and gardening are the areas where we can do a lot of improvements on a daily basis by implementing this concept.

Budgeting is another area where there is large scope to monitor and control our expenses so that we can save money.

Even in the areas like routine exercise, meditation, yoga, walking, cycling and breathing practices, we can do a little improvement daily and see that our body and mind are fit always!

Executing a family function or get together is a mammoth job but if we take it as fun and split the responsibilities among our family members and if they are taught simple techniques of Kaizen then they can do a marvelous job by putting their best efforts and make the function a great success!