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Oct 9, 2010

Ways to Improve Quality Control

Quality control requires employee involvement in certain ways. For example, Unmotivated employees with low morale are likely to produce a much poorer product than motivated employees with high morale are. The lack of adequate employee training can also significantly reduce the quality of any product or service.

Having adequate quality control on products and services allows a business to offer product warranties with confidence. Adequate warranties can be important in tough economic times. Customers don't want to have to buy another product anytime soon. They prefer to have the products they purchase endure.

Outstanding customer relations is the name of the game in a competitive market, and one of the best ways to gain and keep an advantage over the competition is to provide the best products available. Just having the lowest prices isn't good enough. If your products or services are faulty, you may lose your customers in droves. Poor quality equates to poor products, which translates to decreased customer opinion and satisfaction.

An effective quality control procedure requires the development of certain standards or criteria for products and services that will satisfy customers. Without written, predefined requirements and measures of acceptability for any product or service, it is impossible to hold employees to any standard of excellence. The most successful quality control procedures locate product defects long before such products appear in the final stages of production.

It is during the quality control procedure that flaws in the system are located. When similar defects are found in many of the same products, management can determine new steps to improve the production process and reduce the number of such deficiencies. This advances the overall caliber of the finished products. Business services can be similarly evaluated.

It would be asking too much to expect no defective products or incidents of poor service to appear. However, management should determine a certain point which defective goods or services are no longer acceptable. For instance, a 3% rate of defective products or services may be tolerable, but 5% may not be. Still, management should be always on guard for ways to improve procedures and reduce the number of defective products. The closer to the beginning of the manufacturing process the defects are found, the more money the company will save overall. You can see that quality control fills an important function in improving customer relations and promoting return business, thereby improving overall business relations and profitability.