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Jul 4, 2011

Accuracy Improving SOPs

Discover a simple technique overlooked by most writers of standard operating procedures (SOP) which automatically, as if by magic, turn the average employee into a top practitioner in their job. With this simple accuracy improving device built into tasks you will be sure of the right outcomes, you will train people to be top performers in half the time and your people will be known for great results!

The Accuracy Controlled Enterprise –Quality Made Easy
The removal of defects and failures from business processes is the final frontier for controlling unplanned production stoppages. Seemingly random events that combine to cause a breakdown can now be controlled with a new methodology - ACE.
Definition of Quality
o Quality is short term. It is the degree to which a commodity meets the requirements of the customer at the start of its life. In manufactured products quality comes from its design definition and manufacturing accuracy.
o Quality is design specification driven
o Quality is measured at start of life – percent passing specification
o Quality is observable - the number of rejects from production
The Importance of Quality Systems
o Meet customer satisfaction
o Remove process variation
o Standardise manufacturing approach
o Detect non-conformance – identify defects against standard
o Measure performance to compliance
Why Quality Systems Don‟t Work in Most Operations
o Installed for the wrong reason – To meet ISO 9000 demands from customers
- For marketing purposes
- To satisfy senior management initiative
- Because competitor had one
o Not ingrained into the culture – quality is seen as someone else‟s domain
o No training system to lift people to the necessary level of skills and knowledge
o No quality manager who‟s prime duty is to own the system and make it work
Original system documentation falls out of date and becomes irrelevant
o Not set-up as a self-sustaining system that automatically operates.
o No CEO and Executive Manager involvement
Can Quality Results be met without a „Quality System‟?
o Quality aim is repeatable consistency to design specification
o Design specification is a target
o The target specification is built into the operating procedure
o Variation is controlled by use of tolerance around the target.
o Conformance is achieved by measuring if commodity is within specification
o Quality can be achieved without a „quality system‟
Error-Proofing (Poka Yoke) Operating Procedures
If all work done by operators and maintainers is to the approved standard operating procedures there should be no cause of errors. But most SOPs are written by the wrong people and confuse readers so much that they don‟t know when they are no longer following instructions. Error proofing SOPs is the removal of causes of defects and failures from business processes. It is the new frontier for controlling unplanned production stoppages. Seemingly random events that combine to cause a breakdown need to be controlled with poka yoke methodology.
o „Go – No Go‟ proof testing
The Accuracy Controlled Enterprise System
o „Target, Tolerance, Test‟
Accuracy Control is Easier and Cheaper than Quality Control
o Once in the procedure it becomes a the procedure user‟s responsibility
o Self-sustaining as it is a job requirement
o No longer needs a separate quality manager
o Less involvement from line-managers and supervisors
o Focus becomes system quality improvement not task quality control