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Oct 24, 2011

Six Sigma Roadblocks

There are many issues to deal with when it comes to Six Sigma Roadblocks including issue of speaking to the employees about change; otherwise known as change management. Implementing this type of management methodology can result in resentment from those who have been on the job for a long period of time.

This resentment will lead to resistance from employees. Many times, change is hard for people to accept especially when they have grown used to one way of doing things.

If the Six Sigma process and it's goals and benefits are not properly explained to the employees, they will do everything in their power to work against the change. The process is much more difficult without cooperation from everyone, so this is a major roadblock that must be addressed and overcome when considering Six Sigma Implementation for your business.

This entire methodology is centered on finding flaws in a business system and correcting them in order to produce a high quality product using as little space and time as can possibly be managed. The processes used by this methodology to define a roadblock can be changed to fit any type of business or industry. That is why the program is so unique and popular among businesses.

When learning to identify problems within a production system, it is important that every detail be accounted for. This means even the slightest problem that could occur right down to the very last sticker that is used must be defined. It is important to discover every issue that could result in a quality concern. Then, you will develop a system of rating the various issues to be worked on in priority order along with the help of some very special Six Sigma Tools.

Once the various issues are determined and prioritized, the Six Sigma Team can begin to decide on the best ways to resolve the problems and arrange for the production lines to provide the maximum efficiency and best possible quality output. As the system is streamlined, the progress can be charted and monitored for improvement in the various areas.

Many different industries today are using Six Sigma Training and Certification to produce better products, while saving money and time as well as simultaneously improving customer satisfaction. Using a system that tracks the progress of improvement and quality throughout the industry tends to cause any business to thrive overall.

With any type of business change of this nature, there will be many problems or roadblocks that will need to be dealt with along the way. In addition to lack of cooperation from various areas, there will be issues with products that will need to be worked through. Eventually, however, all of the issues with the program itself will be worked out and the savings can begin.

Initially, upon Six Sigma Implementation, there might be an increase in costs as the necessary tools and changes are made to the production line. These initial costs should be looked at as an investment, because they cause the process to run much more smoothly, thus, creating a better quality product and an even bigger eventual cost savings. Although there are issues, using the process of identifying issues with Six Sigma will prove to be a wise investment once all roadblocks have been dealt with.