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Nov 15, 2011

Improve Quality by Using Six Sigma Method

Businesses rely on repeat customers and word-of-mouth to get their products and services out there. They want to sell as much as they can so that their business is considered a success. When customers receive poor quality service or products, not only will they not return, but they will also make sure other people do not support the company. This is a good way for a company to fail. In today's cyber-driven world, it is very easy for one satisfied customer to reach millions through online reviews. This means it is more important than ever to keep customers satisfied through high quality products and services as well as great customer service.

The reason for poor quality within a company could be due to one of many things. It could even be a combination of several things put together. The job of a Six Sigma professional is to find out where the flaws are in quality and suggest solutions for change. Sometimes business owners will have worked with certain processes and procedures for so many years; they are uncomfortable changing their ways. They might even be too close to the process to be able to realize where the flaws exist. Six Sigma professionals try to encourage these business owners to advance with the times and change their procedures as technology dictates. The Six Sigma professional can only suggest and recommend these changes. It is up to the business owner to implement the Six Sigma suggested new plan of action and to notify any and all employees that will be affected so that they can adjust accordingly.

Employees must be happy to be willing to put their all into their job. It is never good for employees to be showing up on the job just for a paycheck. If they do not care about the quality of their work, the business' quality overall will suffer. Productivity will also suffer which greatly affects the quantity of products or services sold. Employees who are unhappy also tend to call out more often, which directly affects productivity. Six Sigma professionals often see employee dissatisfaction as a reason for flaws within the processes and procedures. When employees, managers, even executives, become complacent about their job and what is required of them, they will not spot the problem areas as easily. They may be resistant to change and do not want to see what could be done to improve the company. If they do not want the company to fail, however, they will allow someone to come in, analyze the processes, report back with flaws, and suggest improvements. It is always good to get a second opinion or a fresh look at a problem.

Business owners should always be willing to try the advice of a Six Sigma Professional. These professionals are trained, qualified and certified to assist in improving company quality from entry level positions all the way to upper administration.