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Feb 28, 2015

How to Avoid the Mistakes of Quality Assurance

Why Quality assurance testing is critical for any business model? When talking about Quality Assurance, we are talking about a process by which corporations and other organizations systematically check of the products and services provided to customers. Using such a system ensures that customers are satisfied with the quality received. Even though this by no means offers assurance of quality. As consumers, all rely heavily upon the quality assurance testing that goes on within the companies we do business with. However, there is generally no other way for use to test the quality of products before we buy. This is why it is important for companies to do QA testing prior to bringing them to the market. Here is a glimpse of quality assurance testing gone wrong, and some of the most frequent quality assurance testing mistakes in the software industry. Let's say that you would like to upload new features along with fixes for bugs on your website. That's great, but you also want to avoid any of several bad side effects from this procedure. You also want these fixes to work the way they were designed, without affecting your system. To ensure this, you will be required to do a good deal of testing in two phases. Basically, you want to test before deploying the product to your server and the other after this has been done. Here are the mistakes you should avoid: 1. Don't forget to do QA testing using multiple browsers. That doesn't mean that you should test over all the existing browsers, but you do want to ensure that you do your testing with the most popularly used ones. Using this quality assurance testing method will allow you to see if your visitors are able to work their way through your site without difficulty. 2. It is always a mistake not to delete the browser cache before starting a new test. The result of not doing this is that you could accidentally view a version of a webpage that remains in the cache from one of your prior sessions. 3. Failure to update host files is another QA testing mistake. Your testing should be done in a test environment that requires a special version from your host's file. You should be certain that the IP address and the domain names have been updated and take the time to confirm this prior to allowing testing from the development team. 4. Never fail to address any cookie issues that may exist. You should always check for functionality requirements such as login and passwords to make sure they work with or without cookies being activated. Most browsers allow you to enable and disable active cookies when the need arises. 5. It is not a good practice to fail to test using multiple screen resolutions. Floating designs are particularly prone to bugs when viewing with larger or smaller screen resolutions. It is worth taking a glance at Google Analytics to determine which resolutions are most common as well as which ones are most attractive. 6. One of the worst mistakes that can be made during quality assurance testing is doing the work manually when you can let automated tools do the work for you. In fact, who would want to do that when there are a lot of free tools available to help you with that? In addition to that, there are some tests that you simply cannot do manually anyway. The truth is that it would be impossible for you to check the potentially thousands of links to your site on a manual basis. So, when you are interested in maintaining the quality of your products and services, it is vital that you do QA testing. Such processes help ensure that the products retain the promised qualities and that the services offered are second to none. Regardless the type of product, corporations and small business around the world understand that if they are going to be able to continue to sell to their clients, while generating new business, they must commit to quality assurance testing to ensure consistency. Consistency is assured only by taking steps to ensure quality is maintained throughout the development and manufacturing processes. This can only be achieved when quality testing processes are implemented. Customers understand that even if they do not put products through a series of quality testing before making a purchase, when they buy from reliable manufacturers who have taken the time to build quality into those products they are assured of receiving what they paid for.