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Apr 3, 2015

Benefits of Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a sort of practice that started during Middle Age when Guilds assured their clients with certain standards of quality while delivering different types of services. Guild was an association that consisted of merchants and artisans. This association controlled the practice of their craft with a dedicated territory. This concept of maintaining certain standards of quality was taken well by the people and soon more and more organizations started adopting this amazing concept. Important Components of Quality Assurance In order to know more about QA, it would be really great if you gain knowledge about the different components of the QA. Here are all those important components explained in detail. Failure Testing The first and the foremost important point is Failure Testing. This is a process that involves checking the product or process until it fails. Another name given to failure testing is called as stress testing. The data that is collected during testing is utilized for the improvement of the product or service. During the Quality Assurance process, failure testing is implemented and as a result the final product that is being delivered becomes more polished, refined and of high quality. Statistical Control With the help of statistical control process, you can collect data during different stages of production or service delivery. This will help you to keep a strong check on the quality of the product. If anything goes wrong during any stage then you can easily improve and deliver high quality product. The same goes true for IT industry where this process plays an important role. Total Quality Management Total Quality Management also called as TQM involves keeping a strong check on the participating constituents. You cannot guarantee a product's quality unless and until all the input and surrounding parameters are of desired quality. For example, if you are manufacturing a metal component then you need to ensure that the raw material that is being used is of high quality and proper dimension. You also need to make sure that the surrounding conditions such as environment, safety and working conditions are also superior. QA Role in Different Fields After reading all of the above mentioned points, you can pretty well judge that QA plays an important role in the growth of an organization and this concept must be implemented seriously in order to get desired results. There are different industries where QA is playing a very important role. Software Industry Quality Assurance in software industry is applied during monitoring of software engineering and project execution process. As a result the final output that is delivered is error free and software can be used for long term without any major changes. This process not only saves time but also money for the software development company. Medical field There are numerous hospitals and medical agencies which apply Quality Assurance concept and always ensure a certain standard while using medical equipments such as CROs, X-Ray machines and much more. Final Conclusion The concept of Quality Assurance is being practiced since ages and the main benefit of QA is that it helps in achieving high quality results. With the passage of time, there has been a regular change and refined effort done. All this have lead to significant improvement in the process. There are three major components of the QA process and those are failure testing, statistical control and total quality management. All these components when combined can help you to get high quality results. Different fields and industries have deployed this process such as software industry and medical institutions.