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Mar 21, 2010

Effective Visual Management in the workplace

One of the key attributes of visual management is that information is presented to the workforce at all times in a consistent approach – effective use converts information about performance – goals – customers and presents them in a way that is easy to interpret, in the same way wherever it is displayed – this helps reinforce links between the workforce and performance encouraging staff engagement.

There are various benefits associated with organizations that utilize effective visual management these include

• Greater effectivity – work is targeted towards deliverables
• Improved Employee satisfaction – staff are aware of what the business is doing and why
• Greater visibility of costs
• Greater understanding of organizational targets.

Many organizations half heartedly attempt to deploy Attributes of visual management culture through just putting up dated performance stats while this is a start – organizations utilizing this approach will not exploit all the benefits that visual management has to offer – so what are the traits of effective deployment?

• Mission, and company goals clearly displayed
• Uses variety of media
• Visual aids Customer focused
• Many different forms displayed in many different places
• Real time data where available
• Open book – there for all to see