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Nov 25, 2010

Important of Six Sigma and CAPA

Productivity is everything in a business or organization, . The more productive you are in all areas of your company the more successful you'll be in the future. Fortunately, Six Sigma methods and CAPA - Corrective and Preventative Action - can help!

Using CAPA the right way requires correct methods and measurements that are clear and concise. While this process can sound simple, successfully implementing it can prove to be quite a challenge. Putting such a program in place requires you to adhere to some very basic principles. If you are using Six Sigma, you will need to gain a good understanding of the methods you will use.

A CAPA program should make sense. It should be easy to implement and manage. Many CAPA programs that have been put into place occur after problems have already occurred. In these cases, the issues were addressed and documented on a CAPA action form. A successful CAPA program, however, will go far beyond this and will be proactive so that problems may be corrected at all organizational levels before they occur. It should be easy to use so that progress may be tracked. The results should be clear and concise.

Six Sigma enables you to put together a CAPA program that is both systematic and measurable. You want predictability when you are talking about making significant organizational changes that will influence the future of your company and increase levels of productivity. You also need to be able to measure your progress in a way that will show you where changes need to be made and what those changes will entail.

When implementing any CAPA program, it should account for more than the reaction to problems that either do or could occur. It should have the potential to improve overall business efficiency so that productivity can be increased. This increase will need to continue over time so this will need to be factored into the mix when ever Six Sigma and CAPA methods are applied. If you can detect problems before they arise, you will be able to secure the future of your organization.