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Nov 4, 2010

What is Triz ?

TRIZ is a Russian technology for innovation and developing creative ideas for problem solving. This theory was introduced by Genrich S. Altshuller, who born in the former USSR in 1926. It is also recognized as theory of innovative problem solving. TRIZ methodology is first to formulate the problem, then analyzing the system, next is to carry out failure analysis and ultimately goes for solution. So, advantage of applying TRIZ is that it provides a systematic way of solution finding, instead of hit & trial method. So, ultimately it takes less time to solve the problems and results are in the form of more innovative product.

TRIZ methodology is to solve those problems, which have no solution. Commonly brainstorming technique and hit and trial methods are considered suitable for such kind of problems. But nobody knows that how many efforts will be needed to solve such problems. Sometimes, a number of trials are carried out and no solution is obtained, so people have to look for other alternatives. So, no need to concentrate on psychological thinking but need arises to focus on technology based decision making.

TRIZ invention was basically to focus on manufacturing related problems, but different experts are using it in formulating service related problems, production problems, to carry out failure analysis and for finding optimal results.

So, to solve problem using TRIZ methodology, a number of steps are needed. In first step, calculate and identify the problem in true sense. For example, if the cover of any bottle is too tight, then what is the actual problem? To formulate it according to TRIZ, the problem is that it should open on some specific applied force.

In second step, is to see, whether the primary problem is solved, will it not create another problem. If the problem of the bottle’s cap opening is solved, will it not affect the leakage of liquid or make cap too loose? So, target must be to solve the problem without any secondary effects.

Next step is to search for the already solved problems of the same nature. These can be obtained from trade journals, research papers and list of patents.

And the final step is to adopt Altshuller’s 40 inventive principles. Some of the titles of different principles are as follows:

1.Universality of functions
2.Segmentation of product pieces
3.Conversion of harm into benefits
4.Replacement as inexpensive product instead of use of expensive
5.Replacement of mechanical component and systems
TRIZ is very useful tool for use of innovative tools and techniques in problem solving. Different experts have made necessary amendments and improved it according to their needs. Its implementation is simple and also difficult, depending upon the situation and problem, and it also depends upon the competency level of TRIZ expert. This tool is not much difficult to learn; everybody can learn and use it accordingly. But most important thing is that every person should be committed to solve the problems, using this technique. This tool can provide organizations, more innovative and user friendly equipments to the organization, for which they were working from long time.