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May 3, 2015

If you Want Melt 100 Calories per day –Make these Exercises

These simple exercises if you do them at least once a day, will deliver you from unnecessary calories. If you do a Traditional exercises, you will take long time to achieve your goal. For example, by running you lose only 150 calories an hour. But his exercises allow burning of 100 calories in just 4 minutes, if you do everything perfectly.
“If you feel that you are in good physical shape, you can even limit yourself to only 2 minutes. And you can do the four-minute exercises daily”. The plan of these exercises for people who lead sedentary lives, and get tired in the gym only a few minutes after the start of the workout. To make these exercises a habit, try to do them with a member of your family. Here, see what this plan, which helps you will lose 100 calories for a few minutes, consists of: Jumps With Raising Arms Do 10 repetitions. Squats 10 repetitions of the same will be enough. Push-Ups Consecutively do 10 pushups. If you have any difficulty, you can do them on the wall, not the floor.
Stepping Forward The exercises should be completed by an exercise from your childhood. Step forward with your left foot and crouch on the right. And vice verse. Do 10 reps on each leg.
You can do the exercises at four consecutive times. Between repetitions, you should pause for 1 minute. Thus, this mini-complex of exercises can be converted into a complete 20-minute workout. That the strenuous workout in the gym is needed only by those who want to have a perfect fit form that will leave an impression on the environment. If you just want to look young and feel great, those 20 minutes daily will be enough.