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Aug 12, 2015

How To Get Your Kids To Eat More Fruits And Vegetables?

Experts say that it is not true that children do not want to eat fruit and vegetable, which is a common excuse. In countries where fruit and vegetable are traditionally consumed in large quantities, parents have no problem making their children eat their anticipated and useful meals of fruit and vegetable every day.
Since children are learning from their parents and they are consuming enough fruit and vegetable, then without any problem, their children will consume these meals, too. It is best for children at the age of 2-10 to consume fruit and vegetable served in “relaxed” atmosphere, i.e. not to do “drama” about it. As addition to any other food, serve fruits and vegetables to your children with their favorite food. Certainly it is not a good idea to force your children eat vegetable and fruit (or any other kind of food). Keep in mind that most of the teenagers do not like to eat fruit and vegetable, because of the preventive affect on chronic diseases. If they are healthy, they are quite logical and normal and do not think much about diseases and eating fruit and vegetable. Instead, indicate some other factors, such as: you will have more energy if you eat more fruit and vegetable, thus you will avoid further exposure of some weight loss diet and you will have a nice tan. Be nice and kind with your kids and make “eating fruit and vegetable” be just another healthy habit for them, and remember, one day they will be grateful.