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Feb 18, 2010

Product Quality Dimensions

Performance :-Refers to the efficiency with a product achieves its intended purpose.
Ex: the fuel efficiency of an automobile, or the acoustic range of a pair of stereo speakers
Features :-Are attributes of a product that supplement the product's basic performance. These include many of the "bells and whistles" contained in products.Ex: television or computer features such as surround sound, DVD capability, speed and size , are powerful marketing tools for which customers will pay a premium
Reliability:-Refers to the propensity for product to perform consistently over its useful design life.Ex: if a refrigerator has 2% chance of failure in a useful life of 10 years, we say that it is 98% reliable
Conformance :-When a product is designed, certain numeric dimensions for the product's performance will be established, such as capacity, speed, size, durability. These numeric product dimensions are referred to as specifications. Specifications typically are allowed to vary a small amount called a tolerance. If a particular dimension of a product is within the allowable range of tolerance of the specification, it conforms.
Durability :-Is the degree to which a product tolerates stress or trauma without failing.Ex: light bulbs are easily damaged and cannot be repaired.
Serviceability :-Is the ease of repair for a product. A product is very serviceable if it can be repaired easily and cheaplyEx: if your computer need repair by technician, if this service is raped, courteous, easy to acquire then the product have good serviceability.
Aesthetics:-Are subjective sensory characteristics such as taste, feel, sound, look and smell. Ex: although vinyl interiors in automobiles require less maintenance, are less expensive, and are more durable, leather interiors are generally considered more aesthetically pleasing.
Perceived Quality:-Is based on customer opinion. Customers imbue products an services with their understanding of their goodness.Ex: the ranking of football college team are based on past won/lost records, team recognition, tradition of the university and other factors that are generally poor indictors of team quality .