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Feb 12, 2010

Quality Control

Quality control is a process within an organization designed to ensure a set level of quality for the products or services offered by a company. This control includes the actions necessary to verify and control the quality output of products and services. The overall goal includes meeting the customer's requirements, product satisfaction, fiscally sound, and dependable output. Most companies provide a service or a product. The control is important to determine that the output being provided is of overall top quality. Quality is important to companies for liability purposes, name recognition or branding, and maintaining a position against the competition in the marketplace.
This process can be implemented with a company in many ways. Some organizations bring in a quality assurance department and practice testing of products before they are delivered to the shelves. When quality assurance is used, a set of requirements is determined and the quality assurance team will verify the product not only meets all of the requirements but they will also perform faulty testing. Companies with a customer service department often implement quality controls through recording phone conversations, sending out customer surveys, and requiring employees to follow a specific set of guidelines when speaking to customers over the phone. Implementing a quality control department or strategy allows a company to find faults or problems with products or services before they reach the customer.
It is common for a company to send out products that have defects or problems or provide poor service to customers. A good strategy and using techniques can help ensure the elimination of issues that give the company a bad name. This is because quality control monitors the overall quality by comparing the product or service with the requirements. Making sure the products or services meet or exceed the requirements set forth allows a business to be more successful and improve the organization.
Quality control not only consists of products and services but how well an organization works as a whole together within the organization and in the marketplace. A strategy to manage and improve the quality within an organization can help a company become and remain a success. Quality is an ongoing effort that must be consistent and improving every day. Every organization or business can benefit by using quality control for their products or services, within the internal organization, and interacting in the marketplace.