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Feb 17, 2010

Quality Assurance

Methods of Quality Assurance
1.- In product design process
A good design that is in accordance with production conditions has a direct effect on product quality. In order to assure the quality in this process, manufacturers have to assure the collection of all customers' requests that required the good quality. The requests must be fit in product characteristics to satisfy customers the most with reasonable costs.
2.- In production process
After having good quality designs, in the production process, it is needed to ensure the most effective utilization of selected equipments and technology lines in order to make products in accordance with the designs and ensure the quality of products that is suitable to customers' needs.
3.- In product use process
3.1.-Satisfy customers' complaints when supplying low quality products
When producers supply low quality products, customers normally do not complain about low-cost products but expensive ones. Therefore, the information about low quality products cannot reach the producers while consumers quietly buy similar products by other producers. Producers have to use various ways to collect consumers' complaints even about low-cost products.
However, whether solutions for customers' complaints are effective or not is up to producers' attitude and arrangement. Responsible producers regularly implement reliable measures to ensure to get customers' responses. They always try to satisfy almost all of customers' needs and consider that customers are always right.
3.2.-Define the warranty period
Warranty is an important activity to assure the product quality in the use process. Defining exact and suitable warranty period makes consumers much more satisfied. Normally, customers know that a part of warranty cost is contained in product prices. Thus, it is said that warranty and technical maintenance is the agreement between businessmen and consumers. The more advantages consumers get, the more profit and reputation producers take.
3.3.-Set up service centers and supply spare parts.
This is an equally important part in quality assurance of products in use. Products' reliability and longevity are only defined when being used. Production is never perfect so it is necessary to set up service centers everywhere in order to:
- Ensure the producers' prestige. - Ensure consumers' interests. - Collect market information.
3.4.-Provide instruction manuals
Improper use, operations in extraordinary conditions or inadequate periodical maintenance can emerge problems or even damage products when they are in use. Products that can be used for a long time needs to be enclosed with detailed instruction manuals. It is producers' responsibility. The manuals must be printed in local languages and point out consumers' interests when using the products and producers' responsibilities when problems come.